What to see in one day in Odessa?

Odessa is a wonderful and beautiful city in the South of Ukraine. Every year our Pearl on the Black Sea coast is visited by more than 3 million tourists, and their number is increasing every year. Many of them come for a week, and sometimes longer. But what to do if you came only for the weekend, or even for one day? What can you see in one day and what should you visit? In our article we will tell you about iconic places in Odessa and how to see everything.

Train Station
What to see in one day in Odessa?

Most of the guests of our city come to the railway station or the bus station, which is located near the famous Privoz market. The railway station itself was built in 1952. the previous building was destroyed in 1944 during the war. The station is of a “dead-end” type, because there is no point in building further railway lines – only the sea is ahead.

What to see in one day in Odessa?

After leaving the train station, we recommend Starosennaya Square, where you can go to one of the bakeries and have breakfast. On the other side you see the famous Privoz market. Take a look at the market, especially in the fish row, where you will see the famous sculpture “Aunt Sonya”.

Preobrazhenskaya street
Coming out of Pryvoz, you have several options to reach the most famous sights. The first is to walk along Preobrazhenskaya Street and get to the very end of Deribasovskaya Street. Choosing this option, you will walk and see old Odessa with its colorful houses.
What to see in one day in Odessa?

Walk past the Holy Dormition Cathedral, which houses the miraculous Kasperovskaya icon of the Mother of God and the relics of the righteous Archpriest Jonah Atamansky. And also a couple of blocks further you will see Cathedral Square. It houses the Transfiguration Cathedral and a monument to Prince M.S. Vorontsov.
What to see in one day in Odessa?

Also on this square is a souvenir market and an exhibition and sale of works by Odessa artists. Through the block will be the already famous Odessa street – Deribasovskaya.

Ekaterininskaya street
The second option is from Privoz, you go along one of the most beautiful streets of the city – Ekaterininskaya, more about it.

Pushkinskaya street
The third option is Pushkinskaya Street. It got its name from the famous poet A.S. Pushkin, who lived in Odessa, or rather was here in exile. Starting from the Pryvokzalnaya Square to walk along Pushkinskaya Street, you will see the Holy Elias Monastery, which was built in 1896.
What to see in one day in Odessa?

Further you will see the Odessa Central Department Store, Asvadurov’s residential building, Anatra’s residential building, the most beautiful hotel “Bristol”, of course, the house of A.S. Pushkin, Museum of Western and Eastern Art, Odessa Regional Philharmonic. Pushkinskaya Street is rightfully considered one of the oldest and most beautiful streets in our city. And, of course, she also crosses Deribasovskaya street.

Deribasovskaya street
The main street of the city, without visiting here, you will not be able to say that you were in Odessa. Since the end of the twentieth century, the street has been pedestrianized, its length is only 950 meters. There are a huge number of small shops and cafes on it, a monument to Leonid Utesov and sit on the “12m” chair.

What to see in one day in Odessa?

It is adjacent to the Greek Square, where there is now a tourist market, where you can buy souvenirs and taste dishes of different nations. And also the City Garden, where you can feel the coolness from the fountain in the summer heat and relax in the shade of trees.

After passing along Deribasovskaya, turn left almost to the very end, and you will see one of the iconic sights of our city – the Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater.

What to see in one day in Odessa?
Here you can learn more about its history.

Passing the theater down Lanzheronovskaya street, you will see the statue of Laokaon, located in front of the Odessa Archaeological Museum. In the 10th place from the museum is the Odessa City Council and Dumskaya Square with another monument to A.S. Pushkin. It is from Dumskaya Square that Primorsky Boulevard, Istanbul and Greek parks, and of course the main attractions of the city begin – Monument to the founder of Odessa Duke de Richelieu and Potemkin Stairs. You can find out about their history here. Walk down the Potemkin Stairs, count the steps, and be sure to go to the Marine Station.
What to see in one day in Odessa?

At the Seaport, you will see the port, ships, yachts, Vorontsov lighthouse, from May to October you can ride a boat along the Odessa coast.

Returning after visiting the Seaport on Primorsky Boulevard, walk to the Vorontsov Palace, which was built by F. Boffo in 1826 for the Governor-General M.S. Vorontsov. Next to the palace, one of the city’s business cards is the Vorontsovskaya Colonnade, from which a beautiful view of the port and the city opens.
What to see in one day in Odessa?

Do not stop and walk along the Mother-in-law Bridge, which was erected in 1969. According to legend, the first secretary of the regional party committee lobbied for its construction, because his mother-in-law lived on Gogol Street, and he lived on Primorsky Boulevard.
What to see in one day in Odessa?

Right behind the Mother-in-law’s bridge is the Shah’s palace, built in 1852 for the Polish nobleman Zenon Brzhozovsky. And it got its name, because from 1910 to 1920. the Persian shahinshah Muhammad Ali-shah lived there.

Turning to Gogol Street, and walking a few steps, you will see the “house with the Atlanteans” or the Falz-Fein house. One of the 4 most beautiful houses in Odessa, one of the business cards of Odessa.

What to see in one day in Odessa?
This street also houses the house where Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol stayed and where he worked on the second volume of Dead Souls. Behind 19 on Gogol Street, turn left and you will immediately see the Odessa House of Scientists with their beautiful courtyard. Walking along the Sabaneev Bridge, you will find yourself on Ekaterininskaya Square, from where Ekaterininskaya Street begins. The cozy Hotel 52 and its restaurant are located on this street, where you can always have a delicious meal.
One day in Odessa is not enough to get around the whole city and fully enjoy its architecture and atmosphere. But we tried to describe to you the main iconic sights of the city.

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