Odessa cuisine

If you arrive to Odessa and have not eat the dishes of Odessa cuisine, then think that you spend your time not important. Our cuisine has been forming for more than a dozen years, and thanks to various nations it has include all the best. The dishes mixed accents of Russian, Jewish, Greek, Armenian, Georgian, Moldavian and of course Ukrainian cuisine. This is not food, but traditions and recipes that are passed down from generation to generation.

Popular Odessa dishes
To cook Odessa dishes – go to Privoz, they will tell you the recipes and sell everything for them. But we will tell you a couple of traditional dishes that everyone knows.

Tulka chops
We go with delivery and take tulka, right tulka, not hamsu and not anchovy! We will make delicious chops and, of course, sandwiches.

Odessa cuisine

We bought it, brought it home, and then, of course, the most interesting thing begins – the tulka still needs to be cleaned, and at this moment all Odessa housewives remember their beloved relatives for whom they are now cooking. We remove completely. We not only rip off the head, but also pull out the comb … Now you will understand all the “tsimes” of this dish. We put some of the fish in a “basin” (as they call a basin in Odessa) and sprinkle each layer with salt, but do not overdo it and put it in the refrigerator.

We salt and pepper the rest of fish, mix with an egg and add flour. We mix everything well and make cutlets, which we fry in a hot oil in a frying pan. Serve with potatoes, garlic and herbs. You ask what happened to the bag in the fridge. And she’s already ready. We take a slice of black bread, put a salted tulle on top and cut a tomato. As I. Babel loved, and not only he, such dishes are good with a glass of cold vodka. Bon Appetit!

One of the most famous Odessa snacks is forshmak. All Odessites love it and eat it, and especially appreciated forshmak from “dunaichka” (Danube herring), which appears on Privoz in April.

Odessa cuisine

The recipe is simple, you need to take a herring fillet, one sour apple (for example, Simerinko), a small onion, a piece of white bun, a little milk, and good butter. In each family, the recipe can be different, someone rubs the apple on a grater and chops the onion finely, while others pray everything in a meat grinder. So in Soviet times, everything was ground in a meat grinder: an apple, onion, a bun were soaked in milk and sent after the apple, and 100 grams of butter was added there and mixed with finely chopped herring. The appetizer is ready, Borodino black bread is served with forshmak.

Gefilte fish
How can we talk about Odessa cuisine and not talk about “stuffed fish” or “fish-fish” or “gefilte fish”? Of course, we cannot but say a few words about this dish. What holiday or good Saturday goes without this dish – of course, none.

Odessa cuisine

So, again, we go for fish to Privoz, buy a beautiful pike perch and a small carp, it will be tastier. The hardest part about this dish is peeling off the skin of the fish so that you can stuff it later. We pass the fish fillet with fried onions through a meat grinder, salt, pepper and add bread crumbs, previously soaked in water. We mash and stuff the fish, sew up with threads. We take a saucepan, put fish bones and scales on the bottom (nothing will be lost in this good dish), then we spread thinly chopped beetroot (in Odessa they don’t say beets), cheesecloth on top and put our fish, pepper and bay leaf. Pour with salted cold water and put in the oven for 2 hours. But you can’t eat right away, you need the fish to cool down. Fish-fish – served only cold.

Eggplant caviar
Of course, Odessa cuisine does not end with these dishes, but, let’s say, it is just beginning. How not to remember about caviar from the “blue”, in the summer this dish is in every home.

Odessa cuisine

In Odessa, eggplants are not spoken, only blue ones. They are baked in the oven, chopped, add bell peppers, onions, a lot of tomato and garlic, and served with the main course. A fried flounder or a goby? So simple, fast and most importantly delicious. It’s not for nothing that the Black Sea is nearby, where all this fish is found. And the famous Odessa “crustaceans”? Who hasn’t drunk beer at sea with crustaceans in the summer? If you have not done this, consider that you have not been to the sea.

Oh wei! How delicious in Odessa! And what to tell for this? When can you just come and try? Call us soon and don’t waste time!